TMJ Massage

What is TMJ

It is a disorder in the TemporoMandibular Joint
This joint connects your mandible (lower jaw) to your skull.
TMJ occurs as a result of problems with the jaw. Clicking and a limited range of movement in that area is usually a telltale sign. It can cause huge discomfort around the jaw, ears and even cause headaches.
TMJ massage relaxes and relieves pressure in this area as well as areas in the head neck behind the ears and shoulders. Massage therapy can be extremely effective for this problem. Melissa has undergone specialised training in this type of massage especially designed to relieve pressure and discomfort. The massage works around the temples jaw, neck and upper shoulders and inside the mouth.
The discomfort is very real, with clicking or popping of the jaw, painful when yawning, chewing and even talking. If you are experiencing this why not book in for a TMJ relief massage session and feel the benefits
This massage can be added to any treatment or can be booked as a stand alone session.
This massage is a great way to help TMJ from escalating and can provide great comfort. If in doubt, get it checked out! Ask your medical team if this applies to you and if our massage therapy team can assist. This is a very common problem that people tend to leave untreated. Call or email us for any further information or click book now.