Brows Treatments

We offer a fabulous range of brow treatments and here are the different types you can choose from!

Tint and Wax – Includes a cleanse, brow tint and wax. Perfect for the client that has already achieved the desired look and shape and wants to enhance the colour of and brow and clean up unwanted hair above below and in between the brows.

Defined Brows – Includes a cleanse, pre treatment re-shape, trim and redesigning the overall shape of the brow. The colour is designed to last longer than the ordinary tint. Perfect for the client wanting a reshape and an overall fuller more enhanced looking brow.

Brow Lamination – A new popular treatment designed to lift the brow into shape. This procedure smooths and straightens the hair, helping to redirect the natural growth pattern into a more desirable, uniform shape. Includes tint and is designed to last 4-6 weeks. A must try!