Facial Peels

At Beauty Therapy Newbridge we offer 2 types of facial peels!

Dont forget we offer a discount when you book a course of 3 peels.

1. AHA Lactic


You can book in for a lactic or a glycolic today. Your facial therapist will determine on the day what one is best for your skin type.

We recommend a series of peels every three to four weeks Each client will vary and we will advise individually after your treatment.

AHA Lactic Peel 

This super-charged professional peel dramatically resurfaces the skin, targeting and treating all the signs of aging. Providing immediate visible results and continued skin improvement. Encapsulated Vitamin C penetrates deep into the skin’s epidermis for superior antioxidant protection. Dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin tone and clarity by reducing pigmentation. Our treatment is Vegan and Cruelty-Free. This is a mild peel, has little or no downtime due to the potency. It is designed to deliver maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Our Lactic Peel delivers a high percentage of active ingredients to give your skin renewal a firm kick start! 

It encourages the surface cells to shed in turn benefits product absorption. If you are looking for the ultimate starter professional peel, we recommend you start here.

Treatment includes: Double cleanse extractions firming neck mask and peptide eye treatment, lactic peel, two tailored face masks, and an infusion of serum vitamins moisturizers and SPF!


Glycolic Peel

This advanced blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids and Allantoin. Encourages the removal of damaged, ageing cells including fine lines, pigmentation and dryness to unveil a smoother, more even luminous complexion.

This peel would benefit a client looking to brighten and tighten the skin. This peel treats fine lines and aging, Very popular with clients concerned with aging, dry and sun damaged skin. This peel delivers results fast! It is common to experience mild peeling and tightness after this treatment later resulting in your skin’s improvement in clarity, brightness and firmness. We recommend having your fab serums and moisturisers ready at home as your new skin will be thirsty!! If you are looking to improve your overall glow and enhance your skin’s radiance we recommend this peel!

Treatment includes: Double cleanse, extractions, firming neck mask and peptide eye treatment. 

Glycolic peel, two tailored face masks and an infusion of serum vitamins moisturisers and spf! Also included in your treatments is a 15 minute session of dermosonic led light therapy.