Eyelash Extensions

At Beauty Therapy we are professional experienced lash technicians, We offer FOUR types of lash applications!

  1. The Classic Look One single lash extension is applied on every second lash to give you the natural mascara look
  2. The Full Look One single lash extension is applied to every single one of your lashes to give you that full fluffy volume look.
  3. The Hybrid A mixture of fan lashes and single lashes are applied to give you the extra full volume look .
  4. The Party Look. Individual fan lashes are applied to achieve your desired look. A mixture of small medium and large cluster lashes will give you the ultimate glam look for 3-4 days.


The most frequently asked question from clients looking to try lash extensions for the first time.

Will Lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

Lash extensions alone will not ruin your lashes, Damage to the natural lashes is the result of improper application, or the technician not selecting the correct type of lash for an existing natural lash. Here in salon we will only apply a lash extension based on your lash condition density and length! If you are new to the lash world we advise starting off with a simple classic set, We can build from classic to full volume all the way to hybrid set in a few visits.

You can of course book straight in for a hybrid set knowing you are in safe hands. We also offer advice and products to keep your lashes healthy and clean. Lash extensions applied correctly will look and feel amazing saving you time on applying mascara. With the correct care your lashes can last 4 weeks before refills.