Teen Facials

Teenage boys and girls are going through natural changes that will most likely affect their skin at some point. We are here to help treat and advise them on the best ways to keep their skin healthy, clean and clear. We offer Two Types of Teen Facials with further advanced treatments available if needed. We recommend you start with our Classic or Detox teen facial. We include a full skin analysis and homecare plan in both facials

Classic Teen Mini Facial

This exfoliating facial is perfect for combination skin, Designed to target blocked pores, dull dry irritated skin all in one. Helps calm redness and reduces the risk of breakouts. This facial will leave your skin feeling revitalized fresh and glowing. Suited to sensitive skin with combination of concerns. Treatment Time 30mins 

Detox Teen Full Facial 

This detoxifying full facial is designed to target breakouts and mild acne. We work on unblocking pores while purifying and rebuilding your skin texture. Includes steam, extractions and dermosonic LED light therapy. Treatment Time 50 mins