Skinician Facials

We offer four types of results driven Facials in our Salon! We include Dermasonic LED Light therapy in all of them. Why? To cleanse toxins, increase cell metabolism and enhance the performance of our facial treatment products.  It improves product penetration to a deeper cellular level, resulting in a radiant, healthy and hydrated complexion. Working with Ionic (galvanic current), photonic (red, blue and green lights), and ultrasound The vibration massage helps to soothe and relax. Get ready to glow!  

Here is a list of our house facials!

Light Therapy Starter Facial for Dry Sensitive SkinPerfect for normal, dry, sensitive skin. A truly soothing facial which calms and protects delicate skin, reduces inflammation redness and dryness, leaving skin soft and super hydrated. Suited for all ages. Our revitalizing facial includes mild steam and extractions and is packed with hydrating ingredients. Soothing eye treatment and aftercare plan included.

Light Therapy Starter Facial for Oily Skin with Breakouts – Advised facial for congested skin. This effective purfying treatment will help reduce the risk of future breakouts, blackheads and underlying congestion. The treatment uses active ingredients that will refine pores and re-balances oil production, for the ultimate clear complexion. Purifying facials include steam and extractions, hydrating eye treatment and aftercare plan.

Light Therapy Anti Aging H.A Facial for aging Skin – Our superior anti-aging facial treatment is based on the use of AHA’s and essential plant extracts to treat the signs of premature ageing. This enzyme treatment will leave the skin renewed and looking younger, hydrated, radiant and revitalized. Our Advanced facial includes enzyme cleansing melts steam and extractions. Vitamin C mask, Hyaluronic acid serum infusion, Power boost repair mask – Hydrating eye treatment and aftercare plan.

Diamond Glow Enzyme Steam Extraction Facial – Bespoke to your concern. Using a mixture of powerhouse firming ingredients masks & serums this microdermabrasion enzyme infused Facial will melt away your dead skin cells leaving your skin firmer and super hydrated! Includes steam and extractions PLUS a power boost customized mask with LED light treatment. All ingredients are modified to suit your skin. This facial is the Most Popular with Clients!